Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homeschooling By Faith--Introduction

1   I am beginning a series called Homeschooling by Faith which is my notes on a series of messages I gave at a homeschooling conference. Keep in mind, I was speaking to an audience where every single person was a homeschooler, but these principles can also be applied to parenting by faith as well. 

   The Trinity
Before understanding how to homeschool by faith, we have to start with the Trinity because the Trinity is everything to us. It is not this lofty doctrine that we leave high on a shelf and dust it off to discuss every time a Mormon comes to our door. No, the Trinity is central to our faith, to our understanding of the Old Testament, to our understanding of how to homeschool our kids, how to be parents—the Trinity is insanely practical to us!

The doctrine of the Trinity tells us about a Father who delights in His Son. In the Old Testament, we see Him as the giddy Father unable to contain Himself about how wonderful His son is, so He is constantly referring to the greatness of His son and how magnificent His Son’s reign upon this earth will be. He can’t even make it through 2 chapters of Genesis before mentioning the defining point in all history, which is the moment when the Son will crush the head of the serpent. The Father is constantly talking about His Son in whom He is well pleased. He wants us to know how great this Son is. But he particularly wants us to know about the reign of His Son upon this earth.

2   The Reign of His Son
There are numerous messianic passages (when I get my notes up here, you’ll have them), predicting the glories of the messianic age, when the Son will reign, and what that age will look like.

What did Jesus constantly say was at hand when He walked up the earth? The KINGDOM is at hand (Mt. 3:2, Mt. 4:17, Mt. 10:7, Mt. 20:21, Mark 1:15). When the disciples asked about this, Jesus told them that the kingdom would not be something you would see coming, but it is inside of us (Luke 17:21).

 This kingdom was inaugurated when Christ stepped on the head of the serpent on the cross, after He rose from the dead, after He ascended into heaven, sat down at His Father’s right hand, putting all His enemies as a footstool under His feet, and then sent out the Holy Spirit in power (notice the Trinity at work here) to begin the conquest of the world, by beginning the reign upon our hearts.

3   Christ’s Kingdom, His new covenant reign, has certain characteristics.
 This is where it finally hits home about how we homeschool by faith (and ultimately parenting by faith). One of the defining characteristics of this glorious kingdom is reiterated over and over in the Old Testament prophecies: “…and their descendants with them!” This is one of the things the Father is so excited about that His Son is going to do. His Son’s reign is going to be SO GLORIOUS, that there will be Spirit-filled families, where the knowledge of the glory of the Lord passes from one generation to the next. (Is. 65:23)

Now it is important to remember here that none of God’s promises come to us automatically. Every single child of every single believer will have to embrace the faith of their parents for themselves to be included in the kingdom. God has NO GRANDCHILDREN. But the glory of the kingdom which Christ inaugurated at His death, is that the children will embrace it by faith.

But it works only when the parents understand by faith their purpose and when that faith causes them to raise their children in a certain way (which, by the way, true faith will always lead to action.) And faith comes by hearing, and that by the word of God.

More than we need to know any methods about homeschooling, we need hope. It is my desire that this series works to strengthen your hope in the glorious gospel so that you have faith in the promises of a good Father who desires to give you the kingdom, and your children (Luke 12:32).

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