Thursday, November 03, 2011

Season's Cravings & Culture Wars

Okay, so I'm not big on culture wars. I worked for a company that was often on what they thought was the front lines of many battles. I didn't fit in. I didn't think that it was a wise use of scarce resources to fight against the culture in which you live and move and have your being.

For my part, I've been more interested in having the church address faith and obedience among it's own members. If the Lord chooses to bless such a body, who knows, it may grow large enough to influence a culture, but that to me is secondary.

I think I now have proof that fighting at the corporate level is insane.On my way to work this morning a ordered a coffee from McDonald's. What I received was a cultural bombshell.


"Celebrate Season's Cravings"

My Moment to Unwind:
It's these moments I crave.
My time to indulge myself.
With the rich aroma from the 
100% Arabica beans, it's time to 
cozy up with my favorite McCafe(R).
My moment to celebrate.
I'm loving it(R)


So, I for one, am reaffirmed that it is insane to fight culture wars. The other side understands the minds of those they are marketing to. They can pull the right strings and say the right things. And the things they say resonate in the hearts and minds of the culture.

So, back to the church. Preach the Word. Who knows, maybe the Lord will see fit to save a few.


Daniel Meyer said...

Trying to get unbelievers to -- what, be nicer people? Be less selfish, or trivial, or this-worldly? -- apart from the Word preached and apart from the Body of Christ is never going to work, you're right. But I hope that you are not saying that it's a waste of time to speak and act against the wickedness around us.

Shall we stand by silently while the unborn continue to be torn to pieces, while business owners are sued for not endorsing the abomination of sodomite "marriage", and while our freedom to discipline and instruct our children erodes toward European-style intolerance? How can we not oppose these evils and be faithful protectors of our families? How could we do this and claim that we love our neighbor?

Christopher said...

Hello Daniel,

So I probably should have been a little more clear. I do think laws should be adopted that encourage healthy families and discourage the destruction of this core aspect of society.

However, I'm not that crazy about men complaining about the use of "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." In the case of this coffee cup, it's almost as if McDonald's is saying, "So I can't say Happy Holiday's without getting attacked by the right, and I can't say Merry Christmas without getting attacked by the left, so what should I say? How about something we all agree on, Season's Cravings!"

This is culture war at worst. There are bigger issues at stake.

Thanks for the comment.


Mary Anne said...

Season's Cravings!!!!

HA HA HA HA!! Wow, that is TRULY a new low. That is totally hilarious/depressing. Let's celebrate....consumerism! And junk food! Indulgence! Self-absorption! Wheeeee!

It has nothing to do with other people anymore! I mean, at least Season's Greetings implies some sort of kindness and generosity of spirit. Now we've regressed to, "I'm going to celebrate ME!"

This is why I actually prefer corporations NOT to use the phrase Merry Christmas. Because they don't care about the true meaning, and by using it as a marketing strategy, they defile it. Let's keep it sacred and separate from the consumerist circus of the "holiday season." I don't want our beautiful Christmas celebration associated with that garbage.

Season's Cravings to you, McDonald's! And an early Merry Christmas to you, Chris!

Mary Anne said...

To clarify: when I said "it has nothing to do with other people anymore", I meant that Season's Cravings is even a new-low from the secularization of Christmas, which turns it into a time of "giving and peace", rather than anything having to do with Christ. Obviously Christ is the true meaning. But "Season's Cravings" is a new low even from a purely secular point of view.

Christopher said...

Hey Mary Anne,

It was actually worse than I posted, but all I had was the cup in my hand to copy from. There are also large banners for the coffee section that say, "My Comfort and Joy!"

I'm really not sure how this got past their test groups, but it must reflect that fact that such a large portion of those who say they are Christians, really just mean that they are Americans. And everyone knows that being an American is nothing more these days than being a materialistic consumer.

Mary Anne said...

NOOOOOOO!!!! MY Comfort and Joy???

You just ruined my day.

But, I couldn't agree with you more re Christians vs Americans.

Daniel Meyer said...

>> I do think laws should be adopted that encourage healthy families and discourage the destruction of this core aspect of society.

Good. I thought you might, thanks for clarifying.

>> However, I'm not that crazy about men complaining about the use of "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."

I'm of two minds on this. On one hand, it makes me go a little crosseyed when we're fighting to call them CHRISTMAS trees 'stead of holiday trees. (This is our Christian stand of conscience?)

On the other hand, important concepts are sliding out of public memory -- at work they call Thanksgiving "Turkey Day", having exchanged thankfulness to God for His provision, for gluttony. I don't think there's any virtue in passively watching this slide continue. While there's any cultural memory of the original purpose of Thanksgiving Day, we should capitalize on that and speak of thanksgiving to God. And though I'm not sure what to think of Christmas as a made-up holiday, there is some societal knowledge that it has something to do with a baby. Let's use the opportunity (but for sure not be satisfied if the store calls it a "Christmas tree").

Robyn said...

Whoa. Just read this and your update about 'My Comfort and Joy'. This makes my heart hurt. To me, it's on the same level of the stuff on the 'Engrish' website, except this isn't remotely funny. Also, I share your query: how did this ever get past their test groups?!