Thursday, October 20, 2011

iPhone My iDol (No More!)

Over the past few years, I've had three different iPhones. This past summer, in a fit of rage (repentance really), I smashed my little idol to pieces. Initially, I felt the pain of separation every time I had a legitimate reason to have had such a smart phone. Just last week Leslie and I were looking for the new Indian restaurant in Elizabeth and I thought how easy it would have been to find it if I had that powerful little phone. By the way, the five extra minutes searching was worth it! Today, I sometimes find myself thinking, "Once I learn self-control, I might be strong enough to own such a phone again." Until such time, I'm back to working on self-control.

With this background, you can see why I found this article so interesting. No, I wasn't thinking Thoreau-ic thoughts like this man, but I do find myself enjoying my family more. I'm also finding more time to read, and it looks like I might even begin posting some thoughts on this blog again.

Pretty fun really.