Wednesday, September 01, 2010

PAINT CARPET AND A LOT OF ELBOW GREASE: Before and After--On a Shoe String

I know I did this on the blog a couple of years ago when we finished our first wave of renovations, but I just couldn't resist another round of Before and After, because of a few more things we did to get our house ready to sell.
Also, thank you to many family and friends who helped with these projects (you know who you are.)

Please keep in mind we did these projects on a limited budget. If you're expecting dentil molding and granite countertops, you'll be disappointed. But if you look at these pictures realizing that we, for example, spent less than $2,000 to redo our whole kitchen top to bottom including appliances, you'll appreciate this a little more.

The front of the house BEFORE:


The kitchen BEFORE:


The Living Room BEFORE:

DURING (taking down two walls to open it up):


The upstairs bath BEFORE:

(I just couldn't resist putting in many pictures to show just how bad it was!)

Upstairs Bath AFTER:

Master Bedroom BEFORE:


Fireplace Room BEFORE:


Downstairs Bathroom BEFORE:


Abby and Naomi's room BEFORE:

We dropped wall parallel to the one you see on the left to form another bedroom:


Isaiah's Room BEFORE:


Garage BEFORE:

Then we turned it into a playroom and a bedroom:

Next time you see Chris, give him a great big pat on the back for all his hard work (well not too hard, all these home projects have his back hurting lately...)


Elizabeth said...

Holy cow! These difference are amazing! Will you come and redo our house?? Before too long you won't be too far. ;-)

Rachel said...

Way to go! It looks amazing! And all the more when you consider that this isn't HGTV with the big budgets they have to work with. Praying you will be able to sell it quickly.

Anna Counts said...

Oh. My. Word. This looks SO good! Wow! Can't believe you did that kitchen on $2000. I will be calling you when I buy my first house to get tips on how to pull this off on a budget. It really does look fabulous! Great job!

Melissa S. said...

Amazing! Way to go, guys! You have done wonderful work.

Andrea said...

That is just beautiful work you guys! I've looked at plenty a house for sale in my days and this is definitely going to show well. I love all the staging. Feel free to share tips. I'm not sure how I'll get rid of the "lived in look" when we go to market next spring.

Anonymous said...

wow, Leslie! You did an amazing job! The exterior alone is amazing! We're praying you sell the house soon, that you get a good buyer and a good price. Love, Kelly

The Egan Family said...

Beautiful work, Leslie! Now you need to blog about HOW you did all that so we can take notes for our new projects. :-) I'm only half kidding.

Emily T said...

Leslie, it's beautiful!! I'm so impressed!

Christopher said...

Some Credits are due:

My folks have done a huge amount of work on this house. From removing walls, tearing up old flooring, installing the kitchen/dining room flooring, cabinets, new counter tops, both the front and back doors, extensive painting (both inside and out) etc., my parents likely have more sweat invested in this house than I do. Speaking of things 'invested' in this house, I should also mention the significant financial gifts as well. Thanks Dad/Mom for the help with our down payment as well!

Thanks also to my brother Preston for all his help with framing out all the new walls, installing new windows, fixing old drywall, etc. There are some things that I simply could not have done!

Thanks also go to the men in the Ambassadors class (like at least 10 of them!), who came and helped during our 'drywall hanging party'! While I'm at it, I should also mention the Ambassador moving party that got us in the house in the first place!

Super big thanks to Dan Phelps for his expert help with mudding, skimming, and texturing the drywall on much of our projects! If you want evidence of how important this work was, look at the areas Dan worked on and then compare them with the areas I worked on. Shame on me.

Finally, I may have done some of the brute strength projects around the house, but Leslie has likely put in three times as many hours on these projects as I ever did. Did I mention that Leslie is the one that did all the yard improvements?

Much love to you all. And big thanks.

Galen said...

Wow, that's a huge change, really impressive!!

Backstage said...

Gosh, that must have been such a enormous lot of work! It looks heavenly! It's great!

Grace Halsey said...


Your house looks beautiful! Where in the South are you moving? We have lived in Mississippi for 7 years now and have learned our share about "cross-cultural" living!

Grace Halsey (formerly of CGS)

Pema said...

amazing. A great work.

Brandy Lee said...

Oh my goodness, Leslie. This tempts me to move out to Colorado!! What an amazing transformation. Great work!