Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reign of Terror and Realm of Peace

(Standing on the Promises Part 6)

I finally came upon it! It's the "Reign of Terror" passage in Standing on the Promises that we have so often referred to over the years. I'm simply going to quote it. But I want to say first, that the point of a reign of terror is to achieve a realm of peace. It is the way to have a light-hearted home, and affectionate, peaceful and well-ordered home.

"The standard for a godly home is simply this--prompt and cheerful obedience. This standard, if it is to have any meaning at all, must be enforced whenever there is a violation of the standard. Now the thing that keeps many parents from enforcing such a standard is really their unbelief. They do not believe that discipline will really alter how the kids act around the house. But it does. I have seen parents who were constantly frazzled by their children fighting, squabbling, quarreling, hitting, moaning, and carrying-on, and who put up with it for years on end, when they could put a complete stop to it in three days. All that is needed, to use a phrase my wife and I had, is a short little "reign of terror." This would occur when every infraction was dealt with painfully, every time. The kids catch on.

The objection is that busy parents do not have time to discipline every ten minutes for their rest of their lives. This is where our unbelief is seen. The rest of our lives? Such discipline would be applied for just a few days, and then the home would be transformed. Discipline works. It is used by God to remove folly from the heart of the child. For those parents who seek to be wiser than God, rejecting discipline, nothing awaits their children but a wrenching series of sharp punishments, culminating in the final punishment from the hand of the Lord. Those who refuse to understand discipline hate their children. The choice is clear--discipline now or punishment them." (emphasis is the author's)

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