Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quest For More Part 2--Jesus Came

Friday Night Session 2

Jesus Came

"And he died for all, that those who live might no longer live for themselves but for him who for their sake died and was raised." (2 Co 5:15)

Sin causes us to shrink our lives into the size of a claustrophobic little world of self, when we were created to enjoy the wide open skies of God’s glory.

We all migrate to the center of our world, the one place we were never meant to be.

The DNA of sin is selfishness. It denies God His glory.

Here Tripp tells about a birthday party held at school where a girl had an inordinate pile of presents in front of her and the other kids sat there with pathetic little “goodie” bags. One boy was particularly unhappy about the situation. He was pouting as he combed through his pile of plastic nothings and kept glancing over at birthday girl’s loot. Finally, one of the moms came over to him and said: “Honey, it’s not your party.”

The sooner we figure out that this world is not our party, the better. We think we were born for everyone to continually praise us and make life about us. But this universe is a party celebrating God, not us. His glory is everywhere. It’s His party because He’s worthy.

But our happiness and our joy is found in embracing this fundamental truth and in praising the Worthy One. As long as we continue to live like it’s all about us, we will be as miserable as the non-birthday boy.

It’s the Same Old Bag of Tricks from Genesis 3

Two lies Satan told in the garden and continually tells us today:

1. Lie of Autonomy—my life belongs to me and I can do what I want with it. I decide!

2. Lie of Self-sufficiency—I have everything within myself to make myself happy. I don’t need God to complete me.

How this looks:

1. We’re focused on ME AND MINE

2. Everything is about my wants and “needs” (needs used liberally)

3. We’re focused on the physical and material: the sign not the spiritual reality

4. Focused on Entitlements and Rights

The lie is that we’re getting more fulfillment when settling for physical fulfillments, when in fact we’re getting less. If Satan can make us believe that we will get more by doing things his way, then he’s won us over. The battle is seeing how Christ is so much more than anything this world can offer!

God's Grace is that He does not say to us: you want to live for that? Fine, go for it (when we try to fine fulfillment in a sign that is supposed to point to Him--a car, a house, a career, marriage, family, any relationship, or any material thing.) Instead, His grace is showing us the emptiness in this world without Him and our desperate need for Him.

So Jesus came and died so that those who live, would no longer live for themselves but live for Him instead.

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