Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Standing on the Promises Part 3

Resting in the Promises Produces Work

God's gracious promises are the principle on which all our parental work rests. If God didn’t come through for us and bless our efforts with our children, our work would be entirely pointless. But because He promises to take our meager, fumbling efforts at daily obedience and multiply them, like He did with the loaves and fish, we have great confidence in teaching our children.

Wilson explains it best in this paragraph on the relationship between promises and work:

Now the scriptures are equally clear that the heart of covenant-keeping is promise-believing. This is why the Bible, from beginning to end, teaches the centrality of faith. But as it was with Abraham, promise-believing, or faith, without works is dead. Nowhere is this more important to understand than in the arduous task of bringing up our children in the Lord. To keep us from being overwhelmed by our responsibilities as parents, we must turn first to the promises of God that apply to us as parents. It is a tragedy of monumental proportions that most modern Christian parents are not aware of the wonderful promises that God has made in His Word on the subject of child-rearing. But as we come to understand these promises, we will then rest in them, and that evangelical rest will result in godly, trusting, faithful parental work. Pg. 23, 24 (emphasis from author)

I am understanding Wilson to mean that when we put faith in God's promises to prosper our work of teaching our children about Him, that faith will demonstrate itself by us doing the teaching--the hard work.

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