Monday, January 04, 2010

Cheerfulness in Parenting

Excerpts taken from this article written by Michael Pearl.

"There are three qualities parents must possess in order to produce well trained and disciplined young adults: cheerfulness, authoritative command, and consistency.

Of these three, the greatest of these is cheerfulness. It is the first and most important quality a child trainer must possess. Young parents may not possess authoritative command or consistency when their first child comes along, but they can make a good beginning if they are cheerful. All other skills will come in time.

I say again, there is one indispensable quality you must possess—cheerfulness. It is the easiest to come by and does not require maturity or wisdom. The Bible word is “joy.” It takes a lifetime to become a library of wisdom, but God can make you completely joyful in an instant. Joy/cheerfulness is the byproduct of thankfulness and love.

I said joy is the one indispensable. It is the fertile ground of all good child training—of all good relationships. In my DVD The Joy of Training, I said, “A joyless parent can no more raise good kids than a skunk can raise skunklets that smell good.” And again, “Training without joy is tyranny.”

A young parent that is full of good cheer has 75 percent of what it takes to be a successful child trainer. Everyone is attracted to joy. Children will do anything for one who enjoys them. Once they get in the joy zone, they never want to do anything that might jeopardize that relationship.

A parent of good cheer can deliver a more effective rebuke in less time and without damaging the relationship than a legalistic grump could do with a thousand Bible verses and a hundred spankings.

If you are cheerful in the Lord Jesus Christ you will be a dynamic child trainer. You will be to children what a flower is to a bee. "


Melissa S. said...

Excellent words, Leslie. May I use this on my blog as well?

Leslie said...

Melissa, of course you can. After all, I copied it from someone myself.

Anna said...

Ug--this is one of my hardest challenges--who knew being joyful was so hard? Thank you for the prodding!