Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Psalm 1: A Meditation

Lord, everyone wants to live a life full of blessings and not sorrows, but often we forget how to find that way. But you tell us that the abundant life comes only when we refuse to live by any wicked advice, any advice that contradicts your Word; when we will not stand around and watch evil, but flee; and when we will not sit around mocking and scoffing at others. (1)

Real life is found only in delighting in your perfect law—so much that our thoughts constantly turn back to it day and night. (2)

The life-giving power of your Word is so great that when we are fed by it, we know with certainty that nothing can ever shake us and make us wither. It is just like how most plants wither when there’s a drought, but the trees by a stream do not wither for they have a never ending supply of water. Such a tree will always bear fruit when the season is right. Wherever life takes me, I know that I will prosper because of your living water. (3)

But the lives of those who refuse your Word, who wickedly reject your living water and insist on living on their own resources and creating their own meaning apart from you—their lives will come to nothing. Because they relied on themselves and not you, nothing will sustain them and keep them from withering up, dying and being blown away like dust.

No one who followed his own inclinations and refused to look to you for life, will be able to stand before you after death. One day, all those who looked to Christ in life and put on His righteousness, will come together for a great and joyful assembly. But no one will be present there who clung to his sin instead of Christ. (5)

For, although you are a great and mighty God, you are intimately acquainted with all who live by repentance and righteousness. But those who make themselves their own god, will soon perish by their own devices. (6)

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