Monday, June 08, 2009

Don't Waste Your Summer Part 1

This is summer, we are going to spend our cleaning time, our exercise time, our kids naptime, even our grocery shopping and errand running time listening to some awesome, mind-stretching, faith-growing biographies.

Who's we white girl???

"We" is women everywhere who don't want to waste our summer and want to get our houses clean, get in shape, and tackle that yard work all at the same time all while renewing our minds.

What we're listening to for the week of June 8 Peculiar Doctrines, Public Morals, and the Political Welfare: Reflections on the Life and Labor of William Wilberforce

Here's an excerpt:
What made Wilberforce tick was a profound Biblical allegiance to what he called the "peculiar doctrines" of Christianity. These, he said, give rise, in turn, to true affections - what we might call "passion" or "emotions" - for spiritual things, which, in turn, break the power of pride and greed and fear, and then lead to transformed morals which, in turn, lead to the political welfare of the nation. He said, "If . . . a principle of true Religion [i.e., true Christianity] should . . . gain ground, there is no estimating the effects on public morals, and the consequent influence on our political welfare.

Please leave a comment if you are joining me in my summer listening challenge. Also, leave comments about what you learned from the weekly biography. We're going to do one biography a week. If you want to look ahead, here is the list I'm picking from. If you see one you'd particularly like to do next, drop me a line. We may not get to all of them this summer.

Directions: I'm sort of iPod incompetent, so if someone knows a better way to get something online onto your iPod, by all means leave me a comment. Here's how I do it: Go to this link. Click download and save to desktop. On desktop, right click and select open with iTunes. Last, sync iPod with iTunes.

I just listened to the first half. In case you're thinking: "I've already seen the movie Amazing Grace," the lecture has a lot of information that the movie leaves out. For instance, Piper begins by telling us that the first two things that happened to Wilberforce after becoming a Christian were that he loathed his wealth and he despised the idleness which had characterized his life thus far. He became impassioned with a love for the poor. I don't remember that from the movie. A movie is a difficult medium for communicating conversions and there's a lot in this biography that will supplement the movie well. BTW I loved the movie, not meaning to knock it. But you can only learn so much from it.


flyblue said...

I would like to do this. I think my phone can work like an ipod. If I can figure it out, I'm in!

adoptionroad said...

DG has more than enough choices, but you can also buy audio books for download at I saw they have Heavenly Man, Peace Child, Hiding Place and Through Gates of Splendor. Every month they offer one book for free. Wilberforce is a great start. Count me in!

B said...

Great idea! If I can tune out (maybe use earphones) all my people, I might learn something : ) Count me in ~Beth