Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Beautiful Garden

I truly believe that anyone can garden.


I made this one when I was 8 months pregnant with Abigail. We had just moved into our first non-rental and I had the garden itch bad. Chris was working every spare minute to get projects done inside before Naomi came and I knew I wouldn't have the chance after she was born.

So there I was, 8 months pregnant, raking up 6 inches of gravel before planting each bush. Now I am enjoying the fruit of my labor, with only one plant that didn't survive. I just read that tea roses, the kind of rose you get when you buy a dozen roses, doesn't do well in Colorado. But other than that, my garden is flourishing despite blazing daytime temperatures, cold nights, late spring frosts, hail (although none yet this spring), soil that is pure sand, and nearly no rain (I do water though). If I can make a garden in Colorado, having never taken a class or read much about it, believe me, anyone can garden.

My favorite part is a fresh bouquet for the table.

By the way, all the flowers are perennial. I don't want to waste time or money on annuals in this stage of my life. I want to recommend creaping phlox (the first plant in the video, hot pink, which is also white and purple in other places in the garden)especially for rocky mountain gardening. The plants were tiny when I first planted them and truly have creaped, even in gravel. My other personal favorites: peonies, hydrangea, lilacs and of course roses (rocky mountain variety from now on.)


Anonymous said...

I like the creeping phlox as well. I am very impressed w/ your garden because I too am a mid-west girl & the soil is definitely challenging. It has taken me a lot longer to figure things out than you. Well done, Leslie!

Mary Anne said...

I love it! Good work, Les! So pretty.