Friday, February 06, 2009

Nine Year Old Boys Still Need Their Mothers

So Isaiah started this Greek club at school during recess and yesterday he had about a dozen kids attend. So Isaiah and I had a conversation that went like this.

Me: "So how often are you going to have Greek club?"

Isaiah: "Everyday during recess."

Me: "Uuuumm, what about once or twice a week instead. You only get one recess everyday. The kids might not want to spend every recess learning Greek." [Kids these days, it's like they forgot how to play outside, all they want to do is learn biblical languages.]

Isaiah: "Okay, well maybe. I'll think about it."

Me: "You know, sometimes people can aim too high for a project and then get burned out and quit. The kids might come everyday at first, then start dropping off."

Isaiah: "Maybe you're right."

Boy, I am glad he has me. The other helpful advice I've been know to offer: get your nose out of that Bible and go play a video game. And why are you making another newpaper for school? You should be drooling comatose in front of a cartoon, now get to it.

In case you haven't guessed, everything good that my son has learned is from his father.


Mary Anne said...

You are so funny, Les! I love your advice! I remember quite a fun and crazy childhood playing/creating trouble outside with you!

David Madeira said...

I can't wait to say to my children, "Kids! Those video games are NOT going to play themselves!"

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, cuz we all remember how much Chris loved his Greek ;)