Thursday, February 26, 2009

Naomi's Adventures with Food Coloring

Same old story as the ginger video. I'm in the same room with Naomi, sweeping the floor as quickly as I can and thankful that she's not trying to walk through the dirt pile the whole time, like she usually is. I get done with the dining room half and am just about to tackle the kitchen when I this is what I discover. It is the price I have to pay for about 3 minutes of silence from this little one.
But who could be mad at such a cute little thing?


Robyn and Nathan said...

Hey, at least those little bottles only let out a few drips at a looks like Naomi made quick work of that hindrance, though.

adoptionroad said...

And of course she was wearing light colored clothes. Very cute but I'm sure glad it wasn't me. ;-)