Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please Pray for Olivia Brown's Life!

Here is all I know:

Motte's brother-in-law, Will Peeler wrote at 7:45am:

"This is Will, I am married to Motte's sister Pooh. Her mom just talked to Motte and Beth and they are in need of major prayer at this time. The youngest twin,Olivia, has contracted pneumonia and is running a fever of 106. They have little access to modern medicine and are not sure if Olivia will be allowed to or should travel in her condition. They are scheduled to leave in 24 hours and have a lot of decisions/issues to handle between now and then. PLEASE PRAY and pass this along to others who are familiar with their situation."
And then he sent me this message:
"I went back and reread the message I wrote on the wall. I think its more dire than that. They really didn't think she'd make it thru the night."
For those of you who don't know, our friends the Browns are in Ethiopia adopting a sibling group of 4--9 month old twins, a 5 and a 7yo. They were supposed to travel back here tomorrow.
Update: this just from Beth:

Finally back on line (until the power goes out!) What a crazy, hard last 48 hours. We have realized now that when we received Olivia on Tuesday afternoon, she was a very sick baby. We were told that she had a little cold but as the day wore on, her cough sounded very scary and her fever kept climbing. She was up all night and reached 106/107 fever, and breathed in a labored way we have never heard before. We called our agency and they assured us she was fine but we could take her to a doctor.

At 1:30 in the am Motte headed out w/ a driver and drove threw slums to a hospital that was closed for the evening (how can that happen?) Then they found a clinic that would take her and the doctor there said she had pneumonia and prescribed an antibiotic. Another visit to the Korean Christian hospital today confirmed through a chest x ray that she has 3 areas of pneumonia in her lungs. Her fever has improved todaybut she is on a sleep-strike at the moment. Her breathing is still not good.

So pray- that she improves significantly before tomorrow evening when our flight is supposed to leave Ethiopia and that both twins let us get more than 3-4 hours sleep tonight( we need rest before our 18 hour flight tomorrow). And, oliver has a cold also that seems to be declining with a severe cough. Our airline may not allow her on if she is too sick and we just need to get her into the states so she can get better care.

Olivia's health overall is not what we had been told. She is very small, cannot sit up at all and has little head control (she is 9 months old). We feel sad for her and know that she has lots of catching up to do, which she will do over time, but for now it is hard to see. She is strangely content to be alone and does not make a lot of eye contact- signs that attachment might be slow. So please also pray that she would have a sense/trust that we love her.

Luke and Grace continue to be model citizens of Ethiopia. Still waiting for some sign of sin to kick in but so glad it hasn't (God's grace for this moment) It has been hard to leave them here at the guest house for long periods of time while we get medical care as we feel like we're neglecting them but sadly (reality) they don't seem to care much when we leave. They are just so used to being alone and on their own, I think.

Anyway, we are sorry to sound so debbie-downer. This whole trip has just been plain ___(well, you fill in the blank) Nonetheless, we sense God carrying us through the fire and we know that your prayers are joined to that. Please keep them coming!!

Love, Beth

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Very hard. WE will be in prayer. Do you know which agency they are adopting through?