Friday, January 09, 2009

Mary Jones and Her Bible, based on a true story

The Star of the Movie

The kids are making a home movie called Mary Jones and her Bible, based on a true story. Script is written by Karis starring Gloria as the main character Mary Jones, Karis as Mrs. Jones and also school teacher and Isaiah as Mr. Jones. It is the year 1792 and a little girl named Mary Jones wishes she could learn to read. When she is 10, a school for the poor is started. After Mary learns to read, she saves up for 6 years until she finally has enough money to buy a Bible. She then walks for 50 miles to get her precious Bible. The book, which Karis read this week for home school, is really good; the movie is, well, we'll just say, it probably won't make it to the Oscars. Here are some "highlights." In one scene, you can't see anyone's faces, just neck down. In another scene, Isaiah bursts out laughing and then everyone just laughs for about 5 minutes. It is terribly entertaining to everyone who's in the movie, at least.

[For those of you who have wondered what on earth kids do who have no T.V. or video games, now you know.]

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Karen said...

I love it! How precious! Your children are so sweet. :)