Saturday, January 24, 2009

He Places the Lonely in Families

Yesterday, two friends and I had the privilege of being a welcoming committee for the Browns as they got off their plane, along with Beth's sister, brother-in-law and Dad.

This picture is little Mebratu hugging his brother Henry for the first time. Tigist, standing behind her brother, has to be one of the most joyful children I have ever seen. That beaming smile she has on her face, she wore constantly!

Tigist is holding the doll Sophie brought for her and beaming once again!

Thank you, friends, for praying for Olivia. Her health has improved tremendously.

Tigist beaming at her Mommy!

The whole family finally together!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting this wonderful story! You can't help but smile when you see those happy faces! :-)

Robyn and Nathan said...

These kids are soo cute! I was so glad to hear that Olivia is doing better.