Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas Crazy House Here in Colorado Springs

UPDATE: Not the same house.

Okay, so now that we've had the chance to actually watch this video again, and see the house again, we see that the house we've seen is not the same. Same music, same concept though. Pretty cool.

- - - - -

So some of you might remember last Christmas how we were into this You Tube video of a crazy light display house. We had no idea that the crazy house was right here in our very own town!This evening Chris was picking Gloria up from a birthday party when they passed the VERY HOUSE! It had you tune your radio to hear the music along with the show. Tomorrow night we are going to see it as a family. The last day to see it is January 4th, so C-Springs people hurry over to Delores Rd. off of Charlotte Pky.

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Ryan said...

Do you have an address? We can't find it!!