Thursday, December 11, 2008 versus Netflix, my $4.99 worth

My main reason for joining was because most of the films our family wanted to watch are not available at the local rental store. Not long after signing up, we got the kids together about once a week and were enthralled by each episode of Blue Planet as well as Deep Blue. Since we don't have a T.V., I love to have the opportunity to rent nature films for the kids. Neither of those two titles are available at our local Blockbuster. Winged Migration was a delight to the kids but also not carried locally. I was hooked. Why ever be limited by the local store again? Also, since we only watch a couple of movies a month, we subscribed to the cheapest service, $3.99/month. Since one movie from the Blockbuster store is $4.99 this seemed like a deal.

However, I started to become disappointed with the online selection at Although it is way larger than the Blockbuster stores carry, there were quite a few it didn't offer. I wanted to check out films such as, Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution and Still Standing, the Stonewall Jackson Story. Vision Forum has a whole list of movies that are edifying for the whole family, and carried only 2 out of a list of 20 or so. However, one day I decided to start typing in obscure homeschool-esque movies into Netflix such as The Eden String Quartet, a story of 4 muscial home school girls. I couldn't believe it but netflix carried them. Of the following little-known, small budget movies, Netflix carries every one and does not carry a single one:

An American Adventure: The Living Legacy Of Jimmy Gentry
Measure Twice, Cut Once
A Full House of Blessing - Hosted by Joni Eareckson Tada
Inherit the Land
A Journey Home
The Peasall Sisters: Family Harmony
The Family Meal Table
Charlie Zahm: An Evening of Classic Melodies

[I'm not endorsing any of the above movies because I haven't seem them yet. I'm just impressed that netflix has this type of movie.]

I'm sure somebody can come up with a movie that netflix doesn't carry, but there is no comparison between their selection and's. If you enjoy movies like the old classic Treasures of the Snow, Netlix is for you ( does not carry it.)

One catch, Netlix's cheapest plan is $4.99, a dollar more than Blockbuster's but a dollar that I'm willing to pay.


Robyn said...

I agree that Netflix has a way better selection, and since Nathan and I rarely watch movies (and when we do, they tend to be less popular), Netflix definitely seems like the better choice.

Archie said...

Heather and I have started to put our Netflix membership on hold for a couple of months and get movies from the library. Then we will do some of the movies that the library doesn't carry for a while with Netflix, put our membership on hold again and go back to the library. Having the queue available while you are on hold (and not paying Netflix) makes it easy to keep up with which movies we would like to get from the library.

Anyway, it is working well for us. Bloomington has a very good movie selection at the library, though. I guess that most cities might not. I completely agree that Netflix beats the pants off of, though.