Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Letters to Isaiah

Focus on the Family did a web page featuring Isaiah and an edited version of his letter (reference to Obama removed.) The web page gave people an opportunity to respond to him. I thought I'd post some of the responses here (new ones added to top). Many people referenced his closing response "future presedent of the U.S.A." (aren't spelling errors cute?) so I thought I'd just clarify: When he was being interviewed for the radio, one question he was asked that didn't make the final broadcast was: "Are you serious about becoming president?" Without missing a beat he answered, "Not really, that was just a friendly closing to a serious letter."

That is the singularly most well written and well defined statement on the sanctity of life I have ever read....period. I encourage you to follow your dream and be President one day, you have my vote. Don't let _ANYONE, EVER_ shut you up. You have a conviction, so you stand by it no matter what.

As a father myself I see a boy that your father should be proud of, and I know that he is.

I am proud of you, and you have my prayers in pursuit of your dreams.
Lakeland. Fl.

Hi Isaiah,
My name is Kerry Hayden and I am a friend of your Dad’s from when we were your age and younger. I remember your Dad standing up for what he believed in at a young age and it has done him well so keep it up. Keep preaching the Word and may The LORD continue to bless you ‘future Mr. President.’ Your fellow servant in Christ, Kerry S. Hayden

Isaiah, you are an inspiration buddy! Keep fighting for life! We stand with you.

Dear Isaiah,
Thank you for taking the time to stand up for the unborn. I am so encouraged by and proud of your commitment to this cause. I hope, too, that one day all people will realize that babies are real people, too. They are all made in the image of God and were created with His loving hands.
Keep up the good work, Isaiah. You'll have my vote!
Burlington, NC

Dear Isaiah,I am praying that God will take your voice and make it heard across the world to help change the hearts of those who don’t understand the value of life.
Thank you, Pam

I just had to write you to let you know how much it means to myself and others like yourself who believe that life is a precious gift of God.

Dear Isaiah,
Thank you for your letter. It is very insightful and expressed an important idea very clearly. That is not an easy thing to do. Just keep on following the Lord's leading and you will do important and exciting things (whether or not you are president).
Yours truly,
Mr. Phil

You are right! We are humans from the beginning. Our next president needs to be a person that will help protect the rights of all humans. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Good morning Isaiah,
I am proud of you for standing up for your convictions. God is glorified when His people stand for truth. You keep standing strong my faithful friend! Shane

Dear Isaiah:
I hope that I live long enough to be able to vote for you!Your Friend In Jesus, Cindy

I was looking at the listings and found yours. You are correct about what you say. Best wishes on your attempt to be President. We need to have the kind of wisdom you have to lead the USA. When our first daughter died, my wife was in the hospital and the doctor said that they were waiting for my wife to deliver "the products of conception". I asked her if she had seen those before and if they looked like a baby. I told her that we both know that they look like a baby, so why not call these what they are.

A problem with my computer didn't allow me to hear what you had to say about pro-life but I praise and encourage you to continue to be a vessel God can use -no matter your age you can be used by Him in an big way.

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