Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Naomi!

Naomi eating her first piece of birthday cake. MMMmmm, she loved it!

This picture is just so cute, even though it turned out blurry.

Naomi didn't exactly understand about opening presents, but lots of kids were there to help.

Big Sister Abigail

Last weekend, Chris took the older three up a steep trail called the Manitou Incline. You can see the trail ascending into the clouds above Isaiah's head. Poor Daddy had a hard time keeping up with his little mountain kids, especially Gloria.

It's hard to understand just how steep this trail is from the picture, but this should give you some idea.

Uh-oh, Daddy's getting farther behind the kids. (What's that? You want to see me climb it?)

We went to the zoo with my brother Graham and his family while they were out here. Here are most of my parents' grandkids. Three missing, Abigail and Naomi are on backpacks on Chris and my backs and Gracie wasn't feeling photogenic.

Naomi enjoyed a nap in the backpack at the zoo. Don't worry, she was slathered in spf 50. Our motto in CO: never leave home without sunblock and water!

Everyone loves the giraffes at this zoo because you can get so close to them and feed them. Here is Abigail feeding one. Abby got to ride in the deluxe, shaded backpack because it is designed to be comfortable even when wearing larger kids. It costs a fortune new but we got a Craig's list steal. Backpacks work better than strollers at the zoo, because with strollers you are constantly unbuckling and lifting them up to see things.

We got REAL close to the Giraffes!

Elya is 4 years younger than Karis, would you believe it?

My roses are doing nicely this year and please notice the nice, green mid-west looking grass behind Abigail. After fighting a losing battle with weeds, we broke down and bought some sod. It feels like home to the feet.

Gloria's missing quite a few front teeth. How adorable!

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Rebecca Nugent said...

Your kids are so big, Leslie!