Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Baby Visit

Chris and I are planning to go back to Bloomington in a few weeks for a cousin's wedding and to catch up with old friends. Most of the college "kids" from when Chris was college pastor at Good Shepherd are married, many had babies right away, one couple already had two babies (way to go Jim and Annie!) Many other couples there have also had more babies since we were there and we ourselves have had two babies. So basically, we need to visit Bloomington because we have a lot of babies to meet. We've only been gone two and a half years but I tell you what, there's been a Bloomington baby boom. More babies are on the way, I hear. (Whooaa, in Bloomington I mean, not here.) Babies here we come!
Off the top of my head, here are the couples I can think of who were in the college group unmarried when we came to Bloomington and now have babies:
Ben and Michal
Jim and Annie with their two
Steve and Jennifer
Nick and Rebecca
Now, we're not too sure what's going on with Brandon and Lauren??? Haven't heard any announcements, but if they're still in Bloomington, it can't be long...


Rachel Pierson said...

Leslie, I'm really glad to hear that you're coming for a visit!

Rachel Pierson said...

Was that a prophetic statment about Brandon and Lauren? Did you hear their news this weekend? Yes, the baby Picket is growing!

It was good to see you, even if only for a moment!

Lauren said...

Haha, this post cracks me up!

Leslie said...

I did not know!!! But I thought that it had to be coming soon. :) The Lord has poured out abundant blessings on Good Shepherd in the form of many little bundles of joy. I wish I had more time to see you!