Sunday, February 17, 2008

Guilt & Forgiveness & TV

Okay, so Leslie and I do not have a TV because we've never seen anything that would make us think, "Man I want one of those!" Mostly, I just think, "Why would I want that smut in my house perverting my mind?"

Today's an exception. If TV actually addressed the real, difficult, everlasting questions more often, instead of spouting out "moral sewage", I might possibly think about bringing one home some day.

I've never seen a single episode of E.R., nor do I desire to. I don't know if the episode ever explored the actual content of the gospel, but I do see from this short clip that at least one of the writers of this show understands that winking at sin is not a very satisfying answer.


Jason said...

We dropped the satellite one month ago. I was going through the 120 channels one Sunday and could not fine a single thing interesting to watch. It dawn on me that that happens a lot and why am I paying $45 buck for this.

J.J.M.M.W.G.DuP. said...

Now I'm interested to see how that ended - did they get him a chaplain who speaks the Truth, or just another deceiver?