Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas in Egypt - Village Seven Style

Last night our church, Village Seven PCA, held its Christmas pageant. Our three older children all had parts. Karis was Sheba, an Egyptian Southern bell who becomes a devotee of Jesus. Isaiah was the pageant’s narrator (see clip above). Gloria was a child at the first birthday party for Jesus in Egypt.

All did well and we are now thankful that the extra trips to the church for play practice are over.

Oddly enough, Gloria was one of the narrators for her school program and Isaiah is also the narrator for his school program (a comedic retelling of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol). I didn’t find out that Gloria was a narrator at the school program until the show started and there she was. I also just found out that Karis has a major role in her school program, though she hasn’t told me what it is. Not sure why they think it’s funny to keep these small details from me, but I’m glad they are excelling without my pushing.

Because of the murderous shootings just a few miles north at New Life Church a few hours earlier, we actually had security on hand for the pageant and we were asked to disperse right after the show; cutting short the Christmas cookie social afterward. It was probably for the better since the kids’ heads were getting so big with all the praise.

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bo said...

Karis has the part of...Karis just came and told me not to tell you.