Saturday, November 17, 2007

Patriarchy: A Gospel Issue?

Dr. Russell Moore says yes here (warning, this is an hour long message). I couldn’t agree more.

This is the best message I’ve ever heard on how patriarchy is a gospel issue and when it is rejected, the gospel is rejected. As a Presbyterian, I take issue with his take on infant baptism (Moore is a Baptist), but since we both read the text in the exact same way on the bigger issue of what headship is and how it relates to what Christ done on the cross, I love this man. Dr. Moore is so astute and unashamed on this issue that I am beginning to think he may be the best man in the States today speaking to the issue. By the way, John Piper, as wonderful as he is on the issue, pales in comparison to Moore on this.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps another link to Moore' message is needed. Clicking the one you have goes to a Forum about Evangelicalism, but not the topic or message you refer to.

Christopher said...

Hello Anon:

The link on Dr. Moore's name takes you to Dr. Moore's website. However, the second link found on the work "here" takes you to the link where you will hear the message. There are several minutes of introduction that you may or may not want to here.

Dr. Moore is the Dean of Southern Seminary. Pretty good for such a young man.



perlmunger said...


I'm not sure if it is on purpose, however, they've obscured the location of the actual MP3 file that the site links to. They allow you to listen to it through their site with their Flash MP3 player, however, the actual MP3 download wasn't obvious, at least to me. Anyhow, with a little digging through HTML code, etc. I was able to find a direct link to the MP3:

Have Baptists Changed or Has Culture?: The Baptist View of the Family

I'm not sure why they wouldn't want people to download it, so I think this is ok. Anyhow, I can now listen to it on my MP3 player. Will let you know what I think. ;-)