Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Last Post on Parenting Class

Helping Kids See God’s Glory

This is the topic of the final video from The Case For Kids Series by Tedd and Paul Tripp. This last session was an attempt to reiterate what was really the bottom line of all the other sessions and to help us as parents keep the right goal and perspective in parenting. If we are aiming at the wrong mark or we don’t know what exactly is the right mark to be aiming at in parenting, we’re sure to miss the right one. If we are only aiming to have children that will be successful adults, children who are well-behaved and not annoying, children who are “well-adjusted,” children who are responsible, we are aiming at the wrong mark. If we clearly understand our true role as parents and work through faith towards that goal, the other things will be added as well.

Our goal as Parents: helping our children see God’s glory.
People were designed to be dazzled. When people are blinded to the beauty and worthiness of God, they will look to things in the world to dazzle them. And there sure is a lot in this day and age that promises to deliver.

Romans 1:25 They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

To quote Tedd:
Our children are instinctively, compulsively worshipers. They cannot help worshiping. They were made for worship. A major portion of our task, every day, as parents is holding out for them the worship of the one, true, and living God.”

Any person who is not worshiping the one true God is passionately worshiping something else. There is not one person on this planet who is not worshiping something. This includes children. Here are a few idols:

Pride and Performance: sports, music, grades
Possessions: clothes, stereo, video games
Power and Influence: popularity, looks
Pleasure and Sensuality: food, sex

One Generation will Commend your works to another. That’s our job as parenting. It’s not primarily about trying to control their love or pursuit for the above things. When our children see how marvelous our God is, their desire for things will fade away. If you can tell your son is a slave to popularity, the idea isn’t to limit his time with friends. This is a heart condition. Your goal as a parent is to point him to the only source of meaning. Tripp read us aloud all of Psalm 145 because he said it is a great parenting psalm. Over and over this psalm tells us to “speak, tell, proclaim, praise, extol” the greatness of the Lord, his mighty acts, his abundant goodness, the glorious splendor of his majesty. This is what parenting is: continually pointing our children to the beauty of the Lord, continually showing him how worthy he is of their attention.

Psalm 63:3 “Your love is better than life...”
Psalm 63:5 “My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods.”
Psalm 73:25 “Whom have I in heaven but you? And the earth has nothing I desire beside you.”

We should not make the mistake of thinking that even very young children cannot grasp this, just because many adults don’t. We must believe that God is the all-satisfying God for all ages. God says, “Open wide you mouth and I will fill it...” Ps. 81:10
If we are not leading our children to the only source of fulfillment, to the living waters, they will be constantly searching, looking, dreaming, seeking to find something. All kinds of problems will arise as they passionately pursue something and you stand in their way.

Passages to read and meditate on in light of passing on a passion for the Lord to the next generation and the worthiness of God:

Psalm 145
Psalm 4:6,7
Psalm 16:1-2, 5-9, 11
Psalm 27:1-5
Psalm 36:5-9
Psalm 63:1-5
Psalm 73:25, 26
Psalm 81:8-10,16
Psalm 96:1-3
Isaiah 55:1-3

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