Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grab a Box of Kleenex

I found this video on a beautiful blog called A Wise Woman Builds Her House. Beware, watching this video may make you cry! From reading this blog, it made me realize that I often don't appreciate the awesome privilege it is to be a mother like I should. We live in a culture where motherhood is not highly esteemed, and it's hard not to be influenced by the spirit of the age. But as I was typing this, I just looked over at a large picture of Gloria as a newborn that is framed on our wall. As I stare at this picture of this amazing, tiny, helpless, beautiful creature I am absolutely overwhelmed at the fact that abortion is legal and so common in our country. What cause in the whole wide world could possibly be worthy sacrificing something so precious? In order for someone to die, it better be something important. But for what are these little ones dying for? And those who vehemently "protect" their death, what exactly are they for?


Mary Brooke said...

Leslie, Wow, that was amazing. I am crying! We have 3 little ones and I'm looking at another Saturday of tidying up and putting things away. As much as I LOVE homeschooling I wish I would get up and "fix myself up" better to meet each day, mother my children and be a loving wife. Truly, we are in awe that we GET to be the parents of our little ones...and take NO day for granted. Thanks again. Mary Brooke in Atlanta

Rachel Pierson said...

This video covered such a wide range of issues; very touching. Thanks.


(BTW: Miss you, dear!)