Thursday, October 25, 2007

Faith of Our Fathers

I’m always fascinated by noticeable contrasts in the Bible. Especially when they are so close together. Paul places the sweet fruit of godly elders over and against the bitter results of false teachers in the first chapter of Titus.

The godly elder’s family is well ordered and obedient. The false teacher “leads whole families astray.” They are insubordinate themselves and they leave a trail of chaos wherever they go.

Notice too that Paul sees whole families heading in the right direction or whole families being lead astray. Faith is a familiar act and so is unbelief.

Above: I find that when I take pictures of an event, I often miss the event myself. In this photo above, I now see that the old Meigs Field is now a park with pavilion. I totally missed that while flying by since I was trying to look out the lens of the camera. Oh well, at least I captured it for later.

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