Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Publisher's Jeremiad

Here's an excellent jeremiad about the state of Christian publishing with respect to authors, agents, and the payment of advanced royalties.

Here's a small piece to whet the appetite:

Competition (and perhaps some greed) has nearly killed us. And who wins? The author, who gets far more money than was appropriate for the sales generated by this book. And the agent, who laughed all the way to the bank. We’ve actually had agents tell us, “We know someone will make an obscene offer for this project.”

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Christopher said...

I love comments and I always hope someone will comment on what I post, so it hurts when I have to delete the only comment that has been left in the last few weeks.

A quick note on leave comments on this blog.

1) Anonymous comments that are critiques of others won't last long.

2) I don't mind comments that clearly demonstrate a good way of doing this, but comments that merely tear down will be deleted.

3) I try to do this same thing with my posts on this blog. If you see me doing personal attacks without offering a better solution, call me out.