Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pioneer Clubs & Sacrifice

I volunteered for Pioneer Clubs this year at church: I'll be working with the 4th grade boys. In the last year or two, one of our elders had the brilliant idea of going to the inner city projects and busing students to Club. I’ve got nine students, five of whom are from the projects. What follows will be some random observations about my first night leading.

First, it’s undeniable that the nature of each class is radically changed when you bring in a majority of children whose parents do not love Jesus or obey him. While there are only three or four girls from the projects in Karis’s class, her class is being effected as well. Last week she came home with this little story. The teacher asked the fifth grade girls, “How many of you plan on getting married when you grow up?” One young girl shouted out, “I plan on getting divorced when I grow up.”

Second, though it may be easy to get the impression that everything would be in control if the students from the projects weren’t there, I thought I had seven kids from the project all night, until the mother of two of the kids arrived to pick them up after Club.

Speaking of control: Why is it that my class is in utter chaos all night, but when we go down the hall for craft time, the little lady with the clap, clap, … clap, clap, clap, has perfect control over the whole class (and not just mine but three others as well)? How does she do it? If I were ever tempted by Simony, it might be now. I’ll pay you money lady. Give me some of that control over the children which you’ve got!

I’ll leave the part out about the little kid with a Mohawk and black leather street-fighting gloves slowly getting up near the end of the teaching session to let me know he had just wet his pants. Especially since I had told him and all the others that they couldn’t use the restroom until gym time.

Okay, so I’m in a foreign environment. I need the wisdom and grace of God as I’ve never needed it before. If you’re not doing anything else on Wednesday nights, feel free to stop by my class and help with crowd control. Next week I hope to get past the reviewing of the memory verse part. Maybe we’ll actually get to the lesson. We pour our lives out for the sake of the needy. We plead with God for good fruit.

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Robyn said...

I think the clap, clap, clap lady can be summed up in two words: black magic.