Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pioneer Clubs Follow-up

So, last night was my second week doing Pioneer Clubs. The elder with the crazy idea of busing students in from the projects was tasked with assisting me last night. So, between having help and having several of the students out, the night went very well. Next week I’ll be on my own again, but I think this year is actually going to go much better than the first week indicated.

Side note: Several young men (most of us are in our mid-thirties) get together after the Wednesday evening festivities at church to enjoy good fellowship and encourage each other. I’m finding the Wednesdays are very busy and exhausting, but these days have become one of the best days of my week.

Here’s how the evening goes: We have dinner at church with many other families before Pioneer Clubs and the various other activities that are going on in the church. After Pioneer Clubs we tend to go either go to someone’s home or go to a local restaurant. I generally drive our children home, and sometimes put Isaiah to bed, before heading out. Since Wednesdays are already broken up and, it become much easier to make this night the night I spend time with the men from church.

Last night was particularly enjoyable. We only had three men show up at Old Chicago, but the conversation was perfect. One of the men has recently been diagnosed with some rare disease that is causing tumors to spread throughout his body. They have spread to his lymph nodes. He has a wonderful wife and three small children at home. If you ever feel like your life is aimless and without purpose, go minister to and be ministered to by someone who is facing cancer (NB: It helps if the individual is being encouraged by Piper sermons all week long!).

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