Sunday, September 30, 2007

John Piper & Cancer

So I mentioned a few posts ago that my friend, Matt, has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. We had him and his family over a few weeks ago for dinner and at that time I gave him a CD full of John Piper’s sermons and poems.

Matt just got back from the National Institute of Health, where he had undergone many tests, MRIs, etc. Matt mentioned that he had been listening to a lot of those Piper sermons lately. In fact, while he was going through the MRI procedure, he listed to three Piper sermons!

There are few men whom I’d recommend that you listen to when you get the news that you have cancer, but John Piper is one of them. I’ve listened to over a hundred of his sermons, many of his poems, and read several of his books. I really can’t think of a man whom God has gifted in understanding and proclaiming the Scriptures more than this good Baptist.

I think one of the reasons why I’m convinced that his teaching is a balm for those undergoing suffering is found in phrases that I’ve come across in his sermons that go something like this, “If you find me on my death bed, give me the Bible. Read me the Bible. Spare me any talk of the weather or of football.” Piper is mindful that life is serious and it comes out in just about every talk I’ve ever heard him give. There is an intensity that rises to life and death levels.

Most of his sermons from the past twenty plus years can be listened to or downloaded for free off the Internet here. He always encourages his listeners to make copies of all his audio messages and distribute them freely.

Above: I took this photo of a "..." flower while coming down Bar Trail last year. Flowers are always good subjects for my camera. They tend to be very patient.

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