Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hot Air Balloons - 2007 & The Garage

We woke up at 5:30 this morning to go see the hot air balloons launching at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs. Here are a few of my favorite. As always, click on the photo for a larger view.

I really could not have framed or timed this first one any better. It is by far my favortie shot of the day. I had four children at my feet, one who is only 20 months, so I could not even move an inch to get a better shot. In fact, at one point during the launch of what must have been at least fifty ballons and a massive sea of people (5000?), while I stopped to take a picture, Isaiah and Gloria kept running ahead. After placing Karis (10 years) and Abigail (20 months) near a ballon that I was sure wasn't launching anytime soon, I left to go track down the other two. By the time I found them, a nice, okay, angry, woman who was concerned that I had left Karis and Abigail let me know that she had raised three children and she was quite sure i was a loser for at first losing two children and then leaving another two. As we left, Abigail fell a few feet behind and the not so nice woman was quick to point out that I just incompetent. We all made it home safe so I win this round.

Unrelated, but fun for the family, here is a before and after shot of Karis, Gloria, and Abigail's bedroom. Preston framed out the garage and friends from church helped drywall and texture. With five children now, we needed the extra space more than we needed a garage. I kept a large workroom.

Karis & Naomi enjoying the playroom.

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