Saturday, August 25, 2007

Naomi's Two Months & I Accept New Job

Naomi is now two months old. She's all smiles and giggles. I don't think we've ever had a child who laughed this young. She remains, Naomi. I just tried to load a short video of her, but it crashed after about 20 minutes, so maybe some other time.

As for me, I've just accepted a new position at work. I'll be managing our marketing and project management software. This relates indirectly to what I've been doing over the past two years. When I hired on, I was trained in the software and asked to the department facilitator for it. I created the page layouts and added the extended attributes that we needed. I trained others and created the reports that we've been using.

Now I will be doing this full time. In fact, I may be traveling to Indy in a month for further training on the database structure, reading ERDs, and reporting. If you're interested in the software application itself, you can check out Aprimo.

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Laura said...

Congradulations on the new job, Chris!