Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Naomi at 7 Weeks

So Naomi (which means, Pleasant) is the most pleasant child in the world. Her sleeping habits are much better than Abigail’s, even to this day! Well not really, but Abigail has never slept well and Naomi seems to be on track to make her older sister look bad. Not that Abigail could look bad! Here she is as well at 20 months. Not the best photos, but that’s all I’ve got from this past week.

Leslie’s is heading to Jekyll Island later this week with Naomi to be with her extended family for their family reunion. I’ll have the four older ones for an extended (four day) weekend. I’m looking forward to teaching on Mark 6 this Sunday, a passage that will apply quite well to my weekend.

If you’ll recall, when the disciples got back from their short-term missions trip, Jesus told them to “come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest awhile” since they were worn out from the trip and the crowds were bugging them so much that they, “did not even have time to eat.” Sounds good, and I’m sure Leslie will get some of this R & R this weekend, but I’ll following the flow of the text a little more closely! If you’ll notice, the “desolate place” turns out to be the setting for the feeding of the five thousand. No R & R today boys.

It gets worse. After spending the day serving the five thousand, Jesus forces them into a boat and tells them to head back to the other side of the sea. Turns out, the “wind was against them all night” so that, by 5:00 AM, they are still “making their way painfully.”

Oh, one more thought, as soon as they get to the other side, the crowds find them and they begin another day’s ministry. This time, this new day, they begin the day of ministry exhausted from rowing into the wind all night and without even the benefit of even the slightest bit of shut eye.

Have fun Les! Don't worry your little head one bit about us back here. By the way, it's weekends like this that I really appreciate Peter's telling us not to focus on braiding hair. Great! Cause I wouldn't be able to help out with that one anyway.

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David Madeira said...

We'll miss you, Chris!