Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dad, Will You Please Pray with Me?

Those who know me know that I’ve had some theological training and have even done a two-year pastoral internship. I considered the internship an exploratory period whereby I could test the call to the ministry. There were a number of significant factors which lead me to the conclusion that I was not being called to the pastorate, but one of the more pressing factors for me was the apparent lack of fruit in my ministering.

I don’t recall if it was Martyn Lloyd-Jones or C.H. Spurgeon whom I was reading at the time. One of those two put this crazy idea in my head, and since it made sense to me, I took it to heart. The idea being that, when a young man is trying to figure out whether or not the Lord is calling him to be a pastor, he should look at the fruitfulness of his lay-ministry. That is, there should be conversions that he should be able to point to and say, “The Lord has seen fit to use me to increase his kingdom as a parishioner, therefore I have every reason to believe that he will see fit to use me even more so as a pastor.”

Obviously, there are a number of other pieces which need to be taken into account, but that one struck home, and hard! I never had led anyone to Christ, not as a high school youth leader, not as an associate at the office, and not as a college pastor on a most pagan state university (even though I labored there for two years).

Yet this week I rejoice! I have had the pleasure twice this week of praying with and for two of my children to accept Jesus as Lord. First Gloria asked me to lead her in prayer while Leslie was in Georgia and then Isaiah asked to pray with me just last night.

I have to admit, even though I rejoiced when Karis told me months ago that she had prayed with her Sunday school teacher to accept Christ as king, I thought to myself, “Will I not even have the pleasure of leading my own children to Christ?” I comforted myself with this, “Some sow; others reap.” I trust I’ve been sowing the good seed for some time, yet this week I got a glimpse into another man’s labor.

Thank you Father. And please, keep these little ones close to you all the days of their short lives.

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The Barias said...

A day for rejoicing! We enjoy your blog here in Atlanta (parents of 3 little ones).