Monday, July 09, 2007

What do 7 8 77 and 7 9 97 have in common? Nothing! But that didn’t stop us from celebrating Leslie’s 30th and Karis’s 10th birthdays yesterday. That’s right, Karis is now 10 years old! We have a 10 year old! How can this be?

Other eventful happenings this week:

On the 4th of July, Isaiah came inside crying. He’d fallen off the Zip Line (10 feet) and hurt his shoulder. After hearing the story and visually accessing the body damage (none that I could see: no bleeding, no bruising, no swelling, not even a scratch), I told him to suck it up and stop all his fussing. Oops! Turns out he broke his arm. The X-ray (only taken two days later since I still hadn’t seen any reason for concern) shows a clean break two inches below his shoulder.

Naomi’s doing well. She’s becoming more like a baby (not as lethargic, but still pretty easy). She’s beginning to look a little more like one of our children, but she’s very different.


Laura said...

Poor Isaiah! And we all thought it was nothing. I hope he heals well!

David Madeira said...

Having personally witnessed Cory breaking his arm on several occasions, I can attest that it is very hard to diagnose a break just by looking. Of course, when the kid screams like a girl "I BROKE MY ARM!! I BROKE MY ARM!!", you get your first clue.