Friday, June 22, 2007

Naomi's First Moments

This video is of Naomi just a few minutes after birth.

Here's an excerpt from my journal that I wrote the day she was born:
What gift could possibly be more precious than a perfect, tiny, little baby, swaddled tightly, sleeping soundly, in the hospital bassinet next to my bed? There is nothing that could be there instead that could possibly compare in worth, in beauty, in value. Would I be more excited if I had next to me the keys to a brand-new luxury mansion, or keys to a flashy new SUV? What about plane tickets to the most exotic vacation for just Chris and I or the most stunning piece of diamond jewelry? The mere idea of even comparing these things seems laughable. All of these things and anything else anyone could think of seem so worthless compared to gazing at a new life, created in the image of God, taken from my very own body and the body of my husband, whom I love so much. Nothing can compare to the wonder, the beauty of new life.

All of the things I worried about while pregnant: the timing of this pregnancy with the work on the house, the closeness in age between Naomi and Abigail, the financial strain on our one income--all of that seems so trivial in light of the overwhelming blessing that a child is. Children are always a blessing, always, always, always. No matter what the circumstances--they are a blessing absolutely unlike anything else!

It strikes me that self can sometimes become so large in our perspective, that we aren't able to recognize a blessing. Self is actually a puny speck of nothing in the grand scheme of things, but when it's right up in front of your face, you can't see around it. It is only by the grace of God that we able to recognize his blessings and believe that they are truly blessings. When self is all that is before us, deep in our hearts we believe that God's blessings are really sound nights of sleep, bother-free evenings and weekends, the absence of responsibility, the freedom to take off and travel whenever one desires, extra income not squandered on diapers, none of which come along with children. It is an act of judgment to leave us satisfied with such trifles. It is by his grace that we can appreciate something bigger, something outside of and opposed to self.

It amazes me that the most precious thing is not the thing that is deemed worthy of protection by our laws and our government. Instead, it is something that is discreetly, sterily, yet brutally disposed of in the name of something so puny and worthless as convenience.

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Heather said...

Amen, amen, amen, and amen. Congratulations. She's beautiful of course. We're loving the new baby world right now. I only wish we could introduce the new cousins to one another :)
Heather and Archie