Friday, June 08, 2007

Help! My Baby Sister is Getting Married

Robyn, a mere infant of 22, the caboose in our family of six, has just announced her engagement. Nathan and Robyn met in Scotland this past fall where Nathan was doing a semester abroad for his junior year of college and Robyn, having graduated a year early, was working on a one-year master's degree. They both returned to the states last month. Robyn flew last week to visit Nathan and his family in Ohio, where the engagement occurred. Next week, Robyn is riding with Nathan, his parents, and his two younger brothers out here to Colorado. We will get to meet them and have an engagement party at my parent's house next Saturday. They plan to marry next summer.

Can you believe it? Getting married at their age? They're mere children! Doesn't Robyn understand that she is forever fixed in our minds as the baby? Kids these days... (SSSHHH, we won't mention how many kids I had by the age of 23 because that was then and this is now. Which is the very reasonable logic behind why our kids can have their first conversation with non-family members of the opposite sex on their 30th birthday. Since we were 15 and 18 when we met, we figure it's fair to double my age and make that the appropriate age to begin dating. Because after all, that was us and this will be them. And us/then is just so different than them/then, you know? There's also arranged marriage.)


Christopher said...

Um, Les,

You'll have five children before you turn thirty, and that's right now!

Laura said...

HAHA! Leslie, if Charis follows your chronological path to romance, she'll be married in what, 6 years? ;-)

Leslie said...

Actually, that'd be nine years. So good thing she won't be dating till 30.

Laura said...

Sorry for spelling Karis' name wrong!