Sunday, June 03, 2007

Drywall's Up!

We threw a drywall hanging party yesterday. Six guys from our Sunday school class came and gave us a great boost in getting the garage done. I'm very impressed with this group. The last two weekends they helped one of the guys put up a new fence in his back yard. They came out in force to help us move as well. It is certainly a wonderful thing when the church functions like a body. We are very thankful!

Above: We started in the morning with bare studs. on all but the wall between the garage and the house.

Tony, Chuck, and Matt worked the bedroom. Matt knew what he was doing, so he led that crew.

Motte, Eric, and Jens worked the playroom. Jens knew what he was doing, so he led that crew. I worked mostly with Jens and the playroom crew, since the playroom is so much bigger.

A look at the playroom from the door leading to the rest of the house. We chopped the legs off that dinning room table to make a kids table. It will stay in the playroom for crafts and games.

Still from the house side, but with a view of the two windows in the playroom.

Now looking back to the entrance.

Looking at the two doors off the playroom: the left being my tool room, the right being a bedroom.

The bedroom window.

The bedroom closet and door.

I decided early on to ignore the work shop area for now. Since we are only THREE WEEKS away from having another little baby in the house, I'm trying to get the important things done first.

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