Thursday, June 07, 2007

Baby Watch: Part 1

This picture is Karis holding Abigail. Sorry, didn't mean to trick anyone.
The new little girl is due June 22, so 2 weeks from tomorrow (but who's keeping track?).
Chris' guess is that she'll arrive June 24; he's always liked the number 24.
Our 11-year anniversary is June 10; so that could be a special day for her to be born on. Then again...I'm not sure if I want to have birthday parties on our anniversary every year.
June 21 is the first day of summer; that'd be kind of special.
Feel free to give your own guess in the comment section. (The prize for the winner is a life-long subscription to this blog. Only one guess per participant please.)
But to be fair, I should inform everyone that I've never gone into labor before my due date, and, as the doctor said, tradition is everything.
However, I was dialated 3 centimeters at my appointment today. But...I was also 3 cm for two weeks before Abigail was born.
Furthermore, I will ask to be induced if I go too far past my due date, so I don't recommend any July guesses.

Seriously though, waiting for a baby to arrive has to be one of the most amazing and wonderous times in a person's life. It's strange that one of life's most altering experiences insists on coming as a surprise. A wedding is life-altering, but you have that date on your calendar for months (or years, for us). But the mysterious bringing forth of a child into the world comes when it will (usually, though some schedule c-sections, inductions, etc.) It reminds me of the Old Testament tradition of waiting for the Bridegroom. There was a preparation time and then a long day of anticipation when the groom could arrive at anytime. So it is in waiting for a baby. We prepare, we do everything ahead of time that we can think of, and then we just wait.

If you're like me, you start rereading the chapter in What to Expect When You're Expecting about the signs of labor. It's not like I'm going to miss the signs the fifth time around (one would hope), but it's almost as if reading about it is going to bring it on sooner.

I want to stay abreast of the mystery and the beauty of the situation. Otherwise, it is definitely a time where one can be prone to discouragement, especially for those of us who watch our due dates come and go and still no baby. For awhile, I felt thankful that I had time to get stuff done before the baby came. But now I am feeling so disabled by this pregnancy that I feel as though I will be able to accomplish more after, even with nursing and diaper changes and sleep deprivation. Just doing my daily work: picking up after Abigail, cooking, dishes, and cleaning, has become extremely difficult. Often, I will start to have strong contractions from doing any kind of housework. They make it difficult to keep going. It is not real labor because anytime I sit to rest, they stop. Even something as simple as cooking can bring them on. This is a symptom of having many pregnancies, I'm told.

But back to the rosy side. Each night I get to go to bed knowing that tonight may be the night when I get to escort and welcome a new person into this world. It may be the night when our family finally gets to meet the sister we have been thinking and praying about for nine months. Tonight may be the night where I get to experience one of life's most exciting adventures--or it may be another two weeks. But even if it is another two weeks, this I know: no pregnancy has ever gone on forever (on record). You can check it out for yourself at

Stay Tuned for more baby watch.
(I'm going to try to not turn it into a daily report on the aches and pains of being 9 months pregnant.)

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