Thursday, May 17, 2007

Of Curtains and Ceiling Fans

Last weekend I installed a ceiling fan in the living room. Leslie also put up curtains a few weeks ago. The other rooms are still taking time, but we hope to have most of the current dust vacuumed up before the baby comes in late June.

Okay, so here is a portion of my library. If anyone can recognize a book they've wanted to read, feel free to stop by and borrow it.


joshMshep said...

Beautiful house, Christopher!

As far as the bookshelf, that looks like one sweet edition of The Pilgrim's Progress. And I've got to ask, why does The Fight for Faith get such a prominent position?

all the best!

Christopher said...

Hey Josh,

I just purchased this two volume set from Banner of Truth. I'm reading volume one right now, so it is in my bag. Haven't decided where I'll put this two volume set yet, so for now, it's on top of the bookshelf.

Once we get a little more settled in the house, I'll create a shelf for my good biograhpies, this set will certainly be in there.