Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Lloyd-Jones

As I work through Murray’s biography of David Martyn Lloyd-Jones, I’ll keep posting interesting tidbits. Here are some that caught my attention for one reason or another.

On his youth:
I was never an adolescent.

On the war:
We saw many things happen for the first time ever during the War. One event was seeing the first Zeppelin to attack London. Strangely enough, instead of looking for a hiding place, we all used to run out into the street to stare at the Zeppelin and the searchlights playing on it, making it look like a huge illuminated cigar in the sky. I also remember the first daylight raid by an aeroplane. The first bomb fell on a Saturday morning quite close to St Bartholomew’s Hospital where I was a student, and I rushed there to give a helping hand.
On the radio:
When I enter a house and find that they have a wireless apparatus I know at once that there is something wrong … Your five-valve sets may do wonders, they may enable you to hear the voice of America, but believe me, they will never transmit the only Voice worth listening to.
On feminism:
I would much prefer the young lady of the Victorian era who fainted at the sight of a mouse, to the present modern young lady who says she is afraid of nothing.
On preaching:
A nation given wholly to worldly success cannot possibly produce a great pulpit.

We get endless sermons on psychology, but amazingly few on Christianity. Our preachers are afraid to preach on the doctrine of the Atonement and on predestination. The great cardinal principles of our belief are scarcely ever mentioned, indeed there is a movement ton foot to amend them so as to bring them up-to-date. How on earth can you talk of bringing these eternal truths up to date? They are not only up-to-date, they are and will be ahead of the times to all eternity.

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