Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lloyd-Jones Biography (Banner of Truth)

After Al Mohler recommended several biographies a few weeks ago, I purchased the two volume biography by Iain Murray on D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (Banner of Truth, 1982). I haven’t gotten too far yet, but it’s already obvious that these books are well worth the money and time invested.

I’ll be posting some finds as I work my way through. Here is one that is perfect. When Martyn was around ten years old, his minister was teaching their Sunday school class about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.
“Why did Jesus say, ‘Lazarus, come forth?’” Silence followed until there burst out a reply in Welsh from the second Lloyd-Jones boy which was to be repeated around Cardiganshire. “In case,” Martyn declared, “they all came forth!”
I love when ministers and children have big thoughts about Jesus. In a very real sense, young Martyn was very right. Jesus had to be careful with his words “in case” a lot of things might happen. When you are sovereign, creator of heaven and earth, and when by your very words all things came into being, you must guard your tongue, lest they all come forth.

Speaking of Sunday school, when Martyn was older, he would engage in intense debates in Sunday school with the teacher and other students. Martyn wrote:
There is nothing better for the sharpening of wits and to help a man to think clearly and orderly, than debating, and especially to debate on theological and philosophical topics.

This is a concept I fully appreciate. So many want to avoid debates because they think that debating will only lead to division. However, I really do think Lloyd-Jones is right here. This is one of the God-given ways of sharpening each other and bringing our minds into conformity with his will.

Here’s another fun section:
Martyn’s greatest desire in life was to be a man, to be grown-up, and, as one sign of manhood was to smoke, he longed fro the day when he could join the older lads in this so manly custom.
Only trouble with Martyn is, he jumped the gun and made his purchase far too early. His father took him back down to the store and made him return the cigarettes.

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