Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prayer for Leslie’s Dad

Leslie’s dad Jan had a heart attack yesterday while digging their car out of the 18” snow that has covered Monument over the last two days. To make things worse, the 4 x 4 ambulance that came to the rescue got stuck in the snow as well since the roads were not plowed. It took many neighbors just to get the ambulance free. Jeanne (Leslie’s mom) and Mary (Leslie’s sister) had to borrow their neighbor’s 4 x 4 just to get down to the hospital in the Springs where Jan was being cared for.

What follows is a quick update that Leslie wrote this morning before we went to visit Jan in the hospital. We don’t really have any other news at this point since the results of the EKG have not been explained yet.

From Leslie:

When my Dad arrived at the hospital last night, he was having a very serious heart attack. But the measures that they took immediately were very effective: giving him blood thinners and then angioplasty. The angioplasty took a lot longer than expected as the blood clot was positioned at a fork in his heart. He was not very sedated during the procedure and said it was extremely uncomfortable, but was not in pain afterwards. After the surgery, the cardiologist was concerned that his blood pressure and heart rate were remaining very low. This was due to damage done to the heart during the attack which could be permanent, but we're hoping is only temporary: it's still too early to tell. However, later last night, his blood pressure was returning to a normal level and that was a very encouraging sign.

This morning he is undergoing a battery of tests to determine what else may be wrong with his heart, what damage was done during the heart attack, and what further surgery may be needed. His physician said he may need bypass surgery soon. Although the test itself will only take an hour or so, it may be several hours before we get the results as it will be read by a specialist. After we get the results from that test, I can email everyone with more information. He is still in the critical care unit as he is "not out of the woods yet" as the cardiologist said. Last night he had some heartbeat irregularities which is not uncommon after a heart attack, but needs to be monitored.

Last night before his angioplasty, he was very uncomfortable and distracted. I wasn't able to talk to him for very long because there were 8 people in the room rushing around with I.V.'s and needles and all that. But after surgery he seemed more relaxed and able to talk. He thanked us all for coming and seemed to be relatively calm and comfortable.
Above: Jan with his boys at the Warf on Jekyll Island.

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