Monday, April 23, 2007

Gloria “The Incline” Taylor

Last year Isaiah and I would hike the Manitou Incline every other week or so. We decided to hike half way up yesterday and take Barr Trail back down. Gloria asked to go along this time. Isaiah and I were insistent that Gloria not sprint early and lose her wind. “Gloria, you’ve got to pace yourself and stay back with me and Isaiah.” She agreed and we had a nice hike about two thirds of the way up. Then she got impatient and took off ahead of us.

Isaiah and I had to pick up our pace so that we didn’t fall too far behind. As we stopped for a breather Isaiah said to me, “Dad, I’m feeling sick.” By the time we reached the place where we were to get off so we could take Barr Trail down, Gloria had been there resting for quite some time. “Dad, can’t we go all the way up?”

In fact, her only problem the whole day was that she got cold. While I was breaking a sweat and having to take my sweatshirt off, she wasn’t even fazed. I’ve been talking up a Pikes Peak climb this summer with Isaiah. By the end of the summer, we hope to climb all the way to the top. Something tells me we’ll have company.

Above: Gloria looks out over Colorado Springs after racing to the top of The Incline. The least she could have done was looked winded.

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