Sunday, April 01, 2007

Getting Settled Upstairs

So we moved in to our new house yesterday. This is the first post we've done since setting up the desk and computer. We had at least 10 men from our Sunday school class come over to help.
You can see from these photos that we're getting things together in the main living area upstairs. Bookshelves will not be loaded until the trim work is finished behind.

The island on wheels was a nice option for us, though it's not the highest quality so we're hoping that it last for at least five years. We're still waiting to find a good deal on a stove. I (Chris) swing past Lowe's everyother day to see if they have any returns. This is how we got our front loading washer.
Not sure if you can see her below, but Leslie is enjoying a moments rest in her new house after a very busy weekend. From the left window, if we look as far as we can to the right, we have a view of Pikes Peak. We're very happy to be in and getting settled.

See post below for what the rest of the house looks like! No, we can get settled in that fast.


Laura May said...

Wow! You two have done a beautiful job on the house. I'm SO IMPRESSED! Congradulations on moving in and we hope to see you and the new house soon!

Leslie said...

Hope to see you guys soon too.