Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Father’s Love

My parents have come out to Colorado again this week to help work on our home. This is a blessing for sure. I’ve already taken about a week and a half of vacation in order to work on the house, but this week I’m at work while dad’s working on the house (I’m at lunch right now).

The first night they got in, my dad installed a new rim piece (don’t know what else to call it) that my brother Preston made for the top of the stairs. Yesterday dad finished all the electrical in the garage. Last night when I got home we went to Home Depot and picked up our new stove. It’s now up and running. Dad also fixed some wiring issues I had in the living room.

Today dad is hanging two chandeliers, finishing some trim in the dining room and kitchen, and installing the last cabinet and countertop. This last piece could not be put in until we had the stove.

Mom on the other hand keeps getting assigned childcare. Leslie went on a fieldtrip with Karis’s class yesterday. Mom stayed home with Gloria and Abigail. Sure is nice to have my folks out every so often.

What a blessing! A big thank you dad and mom!

Above: Took this photo of my dad last summer in Michigan.

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