Monday, March 19, 2007

Remodeling Update & Happy B-Day Jon!

The patch between the two walls came out perfect. You can't tell from these pictures, but the patch in the ceiling will look just great once it's painted. Carpet comes on Thursday. We move in two weeks!

Not happy with the electrical that was already in the house. This box is a complete nightmare! The fourway switch and the wiring on the right is so far from code that I'm at a loss on how to proceed.

Truth hurts! I had hoped that the drywall and insulation in the garage would have been up to code, but the insulation was never intended to be used for living space. So all the drywall came down over the weekend. I'll pull the insulation out just before putting the new in.

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Anonymous said...

It looks great!!

Don't fry yourself on that box.