Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Palm Sunday: Observations on Mark 11:1-11

What are we to make of the Jesus’ triumphal entry on what is now called Palm Sunday? I go to the first chapter of 1 Kings to help me understand its meaning and significance.

In 1 Kings 1 we see two other triumphal entries which shed a tremendous amount on light on Christ’s actions. What we have in this OT passage is the transfer of authority from King David to his son Solomon. But just before this happens, Solomon’s brother Adonijah makes an attempt to secure the thrown for himself.
It is striking to see how terribly Palm Sunday turns out. What should have happened on Palm Sunday? Jesus should have been anointed king and he should have sat on David’s thrown. Instead, he merely goes into the temple, looks around, and goes home. Above is a listing of the similarities between the three triumphal entries we find. From the looks of it, it appears that Jesus is much more like Adonijah than Solomon on this day.

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