Monday, March 26, 2007

Cabinet Hardware Question

I finished painting and cabinets in the kitchen on Saturday. I thought I’d surprise Leslie by putting the hardware on. However, once she saw it and tried it out, she wasn’t real crazy about how I did it. The hardware on the cabinets above are too high to be comfortable and the hardware on the cabinets below are too low to be comfortable. So here is my question, where is the hardware normally placed on cabinets, and should I try to move and patch, or do we now just deal with it?


The Wanderer said...

I don't really understand what you mean by "too high to be comfortable" and "too low to be comfortable", but maybe she had something in mind more along these lines:

I am sure you probably don't want to buy all new hardware (and maybe you can't return it) but perhaps you could place it like it is in the pic. Also, though I don't have my own kitchen, I feel like if I were already starting from scratch, I would want it just-so.

David Bayly said...

Deal with it. There's no way to fix the pulls without lousing up a nice-looking set of cabinets. I sympathize with your wife's desire for the pulls to be brought to the middle, but having misinstalled a pull once--and regretted the glaring default in the finish from then on--I'd suggest sucking it up.


Amanda said...

I say fix 'em. We're talking about Leslie's work space. If they were a natural finish, that might pose a problem, but since they're painted, you should be able to fill the holes with wood putty and paint over it without too much trouble.